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John McDonald

John McDonald


About John Mcdonald

John McDonald has been playing/singing blues and Americana music for over 45 years. He began in his native Massachusetts playing in local coffee houses in Boston, Cambridge and Worcester. He moved to Bloomington. Indiana in 1970 to attend school and continued to play solo guitar locally, including opening for Muddy Waters at the Bloomington Blues Festival in 1974. John next moved to Davis, California to attend graduate school and started a band called “Buddy Funk” that became popular throughout northeren California. John moved to Athens, GA in 2000 to pusue a "day job" as Head of the Genetics Department at the University of Georgia. Soon after arriving in Athens, John started a blues band "the unforgiven" that was popular in the Athens/Atlanta GA area. In 2017, John returned to his musical roots playing acoustic guitar and singing blues, country & Americana music at local venues. He started a successful recording career at the Maxwell Sound Recording Studio in Athens, GA in 2019. His music can be streamed at most of the usual music outlets (e.g., Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc).

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